Each time a Wiki is assigned, the wiki's instruction page can be found under All pages.

General Rules
  • Each completed assignment will be graded over 10 points.

In every Wiki assignment you are expected to:
  1. Create the number of original pages and the number of edits stated in the instructions for the wiki. Each new term, word, concept, or phase requires its own page.
  2. Complete the tasks and respond to the questions assigned, properly citing your sources.
  3. Include information from other sources in your own words, as frequently as possible. If only the original words will do, use quotation marks appropriately.
  4. Use standard English with no grammar or spelling errors. You will be graded on the quality of your original posts and the quality of your edited posts. Points will be lost for incorrect information, sources, conclusions, or answers.

Any time you edit other colleague's posts please remember to respectful and constructive. Any final page should reflect the effort of all participating.