Chapter 1, Hla Htay

Individual Definition: "An individual is a person or object that is a member of the population being studied." Fundamentals of Statistics by Michael Sullivan, Third Edition


In this picture, each one is an individual and the whole group is a population.

Individuals - by (Labid Khandaker)

"Individuals are the people or objects included in the study."

"For example if we wanted to do a study about the people who climbed Mt. Everest, then the individuals in the study are the actual people who made it to the top."

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Individuals are the specific people or matter discussed in a collection of data obtained from a study.

I chose this definition because I understood it better with the example given.

- (Labid Khandaker LK)

Image by (Labid Khandaker)



In a population of cats the single individual is one cat.

(Labid Khandaker LK)