Statistics is a field of Mathematics that study the process of collecting data, presenting data, analyzing data, and interpreting data.

Any statistical study can be divided into four steps:

  1. Proposing a question of interest.
  2. Collecting data (design and implementation of observational studies or experiments).
  3. Analyzing the data collected (in a descriptive or inferential manner).
  4. Interpreting the results from the analysis and conveying a conclusion based on the statistical evidence provided during the collection and analysis stages of this process.

Each of these TED Talks explores the topic of Statistics, in 18 minutes or less.

This photo depicts a general picture of statistics. It shows numerous examples of graphing and sampling. I chose this picture because everything in it is associated with a key word in statistics, data. All graphs focus on some sort of sales, but the various types of graphs show how complex organizing data can be. (Dillon Hernandez)