2.1 Bar Graph

Jeffril Salazar

A bar graph is useful for comparing facts. The bars provide a visual display for comparing quantities in different categories.Bar graphs help us to see relationships quickly. Another name for a bar graph is a bar chart. Each part of a bar graph has a purpose.

The title tells us what the graph is about.
The labels tell us what kinds of facts are listed.
The bars show the facts.
grid lines
Grid lines are used to create the scale.
Each bar shows a quantity for a particular category.

external image bar_graph_example1.jpg

" After you get the Frequency Distribution or Relative Frequency, you need to put a visual presentation like the bar graph,so the people can absolutely understand the data that you are presenting to them."

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Bar Graph

noun: a graph or chart that uses narrow columns of different heights to show and compare different amounts

Full Definition of BAR GRAPH

: a graphic means of quantitative comparison by rectangles with lengths proportional to the measure of the data or things being compared —called also bar chart.


Bar Graph
Bar Graph


I choose Bar Graph because it can be seen clearly about comparison of lengths, heights, and the measure of the data or things being compared.
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