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"statistical distribution - (statistics) an arrangement of values of a variable showing their observed or theoretical frequency of occurrence"


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Statistical Distribution

"The distribution of a variable is a description of the relative numbers of times each possible outcome will occur in a number of trials. The function describing the probability that a given value will occur is called the probability function (or probability density function, abbreviated PDF), and the function describing the cumulative probability that a given value or any value smaller than it will occur is called the distribution function (or cumulative distribution function, abbreviated CDF)."


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Distribution in statistics is the generalization of functions which are catagorized in order to differentiate them based on their differences.In simple words, Distribution is pretty much the separation of different variables in data.


Statistical Distribution Plushies: Hug The Math"Nerd Approved Media LLC. (2013)


This is a funny picture of plushies showing different types of statistical distributions.